Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been sent a tag from my sweet, funny, and adorable friend Chenoa over at

So here we go.

1. I smell everything, this drives my family crazy, especially my sis and her husband. When I say everything I mean everything. When I pick somehting up I tend to smell it laundry, boxes, papers anything and everything. This does create a problem because I do have a very strong nose and I can smell things a mile, away according to my dad. I've had to leave stores and other places just because the smell and I'll throw this one in for free when my friend Chenoa makes her coffee (brown soup) just the smell of it makes me poop, then there's another smell ewe!!

2. I drive with one foot up in the seat and pick my toe nails, I know this sounds gross but rest assured I am a germ aphoab and I hand sanatize before i exit the car.

3. Wich brings me to another, my germ fears I am betternow but I still go nuts over public places I always has waterless soap and always offer it and push it on whom ever is closest. Ok I insist my family use it when we are out, Ry is all for it, Chan roles his eyes at me and Matt says don't you have something a little more manly?

4. Ok since this is the Honest tag I'll be real honest i toot around close friends and guess what they're still my friends. If you can't be real with your friends then you can't call them friends I don't know why we find it funny D & S it's almost like we're men sometimes. Pee ewe!!! Anyway when we are shopping I am a dear friend and let them know to keep moving or go down a different aisle. Not an excuse but I do suffer from IBS and have gas 90% of the time.

5. I love to pop zits. Ok I know thats gross but poop fasinates some of you so come on go with me here. I will not eat a pea to this day because it reminds me of zits popping.

6. I have a unusally long 2nd toe. I have always been self concious about this and as a kid I never would wear open toed scandals. My friend Larissa has helped me overcome my obsession by telling me she loves my long thin toes and I have model feet (she's a good bser) j/k anyway I have overcome this and wear flipflops everyday!!!

7. OK IF YOUR READ CHENOAS HONEST TAG THEN THIS WILL MAKES SENSE TO YOU. The weirdest (j/k) thing about me is I still faithfully attented Chenoas aerobic classes after she told me she didn't wear panties when she taught class. LOL The craziest was when she was doing floor stretches and she opened her legs and said over the mic. oh I have a hole. LOL I almost lost it, she crackes me up!! No more opened legs the rest of the class.


One- said...

Oh my goodness Jennifer. You didn't even mention that you still suck your fingers, pick your toes and drive all at the same time. Lol! Love and miss ya lots.

Chenoa Nowlin said...

Good job jen!! I love your honesty. I don't believe I possibly did that!

LaShea said...

You are weird (j/k). I can't stand that you love to pop zit, that's so nasty. LOL! You do toot a lot and in front of your friends, I can attest to that one!
Well I am getting really nervous about my surgery, for some reason I am stuck on dying from the anesthesia. I think I need Jesus now more than I ever thought. I mean what if something did happen, then what?