Friday, October 26, 2007

I need Sheri

Since Sheri left me I have been doing my own eyebrows and I can't seem to keep up with it. Matt thinks I look crazy but I wanted to give whom ever a good laugh. Just think you probally look something like this in a salon.

Eyebrows Why does this hurt so bad?

5 Things I know for sure

Ok Kim hit me a couple days ago, so here we go

#1 I know that Jesus loves me and loves my Matt and my kids more than I cold ever imagine.

#2 I know that it hurts like the dickens when I get my eyebrows waxed (details soon)

#3 I know my kids are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful

#4 I know I miss my Kimmie, and Sheri Baby

and last but not least

#5 I know my husband loves me, although sometimes I can't figure out why

I wanted to share some pictures of my totally awesome friend and her 3 sons

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall is Here :-(

Fall is here and it's just a reminder that winter is around the corner. Yuck but God did make everything beautiful and if some people think a Blizzard is beautiful well then ok, but I myself was very agrivated last winter when one hit.

Rylea will start cheer compition real soon November 18th to be exact and she is working her little but off. Chan starts basketball soon and hopefully will shine.

Matt had his Dr. appointment this week and he should be able to up and start walking in about 4 weeks. The Dr. said he is healing very nicely and doesn't see why he shouldn't have a full recovery. So he started back to work on Wednesday, light duty of course 3-4 hours a day. I don't really miss him yet but I'm sure I'll be lonely this week.

My friend Larissa just had her 4th baby on Friday afternoon and he is adorable so so sweet. I don't however miss the days. Congrats you crazy kids, keep poppin im out.

This will be my last week of Bible study and I'm so sad. I do recomend the study to everyone it is so good!!!! He Speaks To Me by Priscilla Shirer foreword by Beth Moore

There is very little homework each weekday maybe about 20 min or so and so eye opening.

I'm going to try and post a couple pics; One,-- don't get to upset with me I'm still learning.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

And last but not least here is Me and My Mattylyn Sage

Ok here is Matt and his injury

Here is Chandler after his football game isn't he adorable? Now you can see why all the girls want to go with him(whatever).

This is my nephew Chad Ray With his girlfriend and my great nephew Braeden Ray isn't he cute like his Aunt Noani?

Ok here are more pictures
This is my sweet baby girl, if your wondering why I'm posting pictures, I wanted to let my Aunt B see how big the kids have gotten.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Filling In

I just thought, since I am the one with the most time on my hands, to blog on Jen's behalf. We are very excited, today we finally upgraded the 1996 Taurus that we bought brand new at Friendly Ford in Las Vegas. It is being replaced by a 2004 VW Passat GLS with all the cool stuff. As you can see, Chan and Rylea really like the sun roof. Jen is one step closer the BMW she has always wanted since I've known her. The major reason for the purchase is that we needed something that was better on gas for our daily driver. Our neighbor is buying the Taurus from us.

That is all I can write for know, I am totally side tracked watching extra innings between the Yankees and the Indians. I would love to see the Indians go up 2-0 in the series.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New blogger

Ok my husband decided he would make me a blog page and as I sit here and pass gas he still calls me gorgeous and loves me. What a guy!!!!

But seriously I have never done this and Kim's page is the first time I have ever followed a blog. Ok I lied my friend Chenoa adopted a little girl from China and I followed her page everyday as I anxiously awaited her arrival.(She's been here almost a whole year now)

Anyway I'm an Air Force Wife and a mother of 2 beautiful children. Chandler is 12 and Rylea is 9 This is Chan's first year in middle school and yes I am learning to let go(I said learning that means it's a process)Chan is an awesome baseball player and he just finished is first season in football(his coach said he was an animal) All I know is he looked very cute. Ry is in 4th grade and doing very good, she is on student council and she is a Cougar cheerleader, Boy is she good.

My little sister just had her 3rd baby and she is beautiful!!!! She's definitly one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. My older sister is the mother of 6, she's crazy but believe it or not she still has hair and alot of it to be exact. My sisters are amazing!!!! One with 3 kids and one with 6 WOW!!!

My wonderful husband is now 7 weeks away from learning how to walk again and I cannot wait!!! I have to go as you probally already figured it out I am on the go all the time. It's time for th Pancake Man at Ry's school.