Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged but I haven't had pictures and I love a blog that has pics. to accompany it.

As some of you have been enjoying your freezing tempertures, I am so thankful to Jesus for moving us here, to sunny South Carolina. We have been basking in the high 70's and 80. We went from feezing our buns, not litterally high 40'sbut still I was cold to more normal tempsof 70's woo hoo I'm lovin it.


***LARISSA*** said...

Enjoying our freezing temps? Don't make me get on a plane to come smack you! HAHAHA... just kidding. But seriously, I watch the national weather every day & I am SO jealous!
Rylea looks amazing in these photos! I'm with you - I haven't had photos lately, so I haven't updated in a long time either.
Talk soon! Larissa

One- said...

Does my beautiful, little girl have to wear make-up? I mean she is only like 2 years old right? Oh wait, I guess a few years might have passed since y'all moved away. Ok, I guess so. But I want them to stay young forever. Gorgeous she is, just like me. Lol, you know I mean... just like her mama.

M & D "K" said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to the South Carolina "Koeln" Family ! ! I love when you put in new pictures, but it makes me miss all of you MORE! :=( Well we have set a record for the most rainfall in 2008! Imagine that! and we still have a week left in 2008. I wish you a blessed, happy, safe, healthy, merry and prosperous Christmas and a GREAT "2009". Talk with you soon . . Love, Mom K.

Chenoa said...

yeah you finally have pictures!! I don't want to hear about your temps!!! But soon I will be moving to warmer weather!!! Tom took the job and we will be leaving in 7 weeks to Cabot, AR!