Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dating Again!!

Shem Creek South Carolina, we went to a restaurant on the water and it was so romantic, after lunch we walked down the dock and bought some fresh shrimp to do a Low Country Boil (Frog More Stew) with our friends that evening.

Matt has Fridays off and honestly at first I was not excited about this, after much prayer I have begun to look forward to Fridays. We are having such a great time with each other. We spend so much time with the kids that it seems like an eternity since we've invested in each other. We have been exploring all our surroundings here in the Charleston area and I wanted to share some pictures..

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One- said...

Thanks for sharing! It seems as if prayer has led you in the right better enjoy your alone time together! Treasure it, girlie! Love ya lots-