Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ry pies Rockstar Birthday Party

You can click on pics to see closer up and use your arrows up top left to go back to the page. Love, you guys!!!!

I am quick posting these pics so my sisters can view these as they are at a hotel with internet. I miss you guys and hope you had fun this weekend---minus the GAS!!!


LaShea said...

I am sorry, but Rylea looks too grown in the picture with Matt. Stop growing Ry! We love you and hope you had a Happy Birthday!


One- said...

Sorry to not call Ry- Happy Belated Birthday! What a great lil' dancer you are. Just do me a favor....don't "shake it" too much! Lol-

Grandma Donna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY PIE!!! We love you with all our hearts! Looked like the "PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR" event was lots of fun!Totally "COOL". Would love to be there with you today to celebrate your birth, but we are here with 8 or more inches of SNOW grandpa keeps shoveling. It's a MESS & it's cold. Your gift is in the mail, please let me know when you get it & IF you like it. Love you and Happy Birthday! HUGS & KISSES! Grandpa & Grandma K.

Jennifer said...

Love your blog! I also love Rylea's cheer videos! Great pictures too!

~ Jen Wheeler

***LARISSA*** said...

That food on the plates is still making me hungry. Pregnancy makes me miss your cooking even more. Especially your beans. I posted a couple of times... you'll have to give me some paint ideas for my kitchen when you get a chance.
Found an AMAZING church here in Plattsmouth, you would love it! Catch up soon, Larissa

M & D "K" said...

Hey Rylea & Jen . . Just wanted to let you know Ry, that I'm late sending you guys your valentine stuff. You know ME, a day late & a dollar short!!(and sometimes a week or two late). It's an ole saying, grandma's would only say!! Ask Mom she can explain what I'm trying to say. Hey those last cheer videos are really good! You've really gotten tall, ya got legs, really long legs that you can stretch out straight & touch your ankle. You look like an acrobat, with all the tumbling & twisting & turning & flying thru the air. I didn't know you got your pilot's license to FLY!!! LOL :) Have you heard anything about the charter school?? The way things are going, Mom will have to put on her roller skates to be able to keep up with you & your brother!! LOL Give Emma a hug for us & know that we love you, ALWAYS! Love ya, Grandma K & G-pa