Monday, February 23, 2009


Imagine your sweet baby boy coming home from Atlanta with his dad, saying hey mom I missed you and I love you.
He must have been buttering me up so I wouldn't freak when I saw these pictures. It didn't work.
I've always prayed that he wouldn't be shy like Matt and I and now I'm trying to real back those prayers.


***LARISSA*** said...

Tell my Bubbe Chan to STAY AWAY from girls! (but we all know that he is so cute, they are never gonna stay away from him, huh?) Did he end up doing his room in Monster? If he did, that is a cool photo for his room.

One- said...

Oh Jen, I am not going to show Madi pictures of her future husbad with these good looking girls- lol! Cute picture- Miss you all-